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As the Northern Barcode family, since 2009, we have met our every need with our experienced staff as well as printed and unprinted labels.

Founded on the principles of mission and quality and superiority in service, the North Barcode aims to be one of the most prominent manufacturers in the sector in the near future and continues to aim firmly in this direction.

Headquarters and manufacturing facility in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone located in the first year of North Barcode established only in Antalya and Antalya when providing services to neighboring provinces, today reached the seven regions of Turkey and was able to offer the same quality service.
North Barcode; Since 2018, expanding its logistics network should have a vision beyond the borders of Turkey and especially in Central Asia has begun to export to various European countries.

What is Ribon

Ribbon is a roll-shaped thin film used in barcode printers to print by thermal transfer method. The ink consists of the protective layer and the middle film film.

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